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We Provide 2-in-1 Service

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About the Company

Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. in Wellington, Florida was founded in 2001 by two sisters, Guerline and Joseline Seraphin.

Guerline Seraphin is an extraordinary individual who believes in mending the broken hearts of broken families by extending a helping hand on bridging the gap, by bringing these family back as one, and Joseline Seraphin is a unique individual who believes that families that are wounded should be restored by simply one word, unity.

These ladies are devoted to their families, compassionate, and loves to help families that are in need. Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. has been in business and incorporated by the State of Florida in 2014.

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Guerline and Joseline have worked along with several independent contracting agencies as Mental Health Practitioners over the period of 28 years combined. Guerline and Joseline have more than 28 years of experience combined in therapeutic services assisting children, adolescents, and families who are in need.

Guerline and Joseline are individuals with moral values of family orientation, multicultural, diversity, and who believes families problems can and should always be mended no matter the extent of their troubles.

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Guerline and Joseline have oversee, direct, and seat on the board of directors of  Annointed Youth Shelter Inc. for a period of 6 years combined as Founders, C.E.O, C.O.O. therapist helping troubled youth by engaging them with creating long-term and short-term goals, creating treatment plan to help them reach a solution focus aim, and helping youth and young adults in crises situation in a positive way.

Guerline received her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice at Florida Metropolitan University in 2002, obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Lynn University in 2005, and obtained her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2009; certified in support services for drug-addicted, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Currently P.H.D. candidate   at Walden University anticipated graduation 2022.

Joseline received her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Florida Metropolitan University in 2002, obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Lynn University in 2005 and Certified Counselor from Dynamic Institute in 2006, and obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2011.

Mark of Excellence 

Rose Serenity Wellness Center Inc. embarks on embracing the core values of understanding troubled families. Working along with families who are in need is our #1 focus.

We aim for excellence and take pride in reaching out to those who are in need, and those who are looking to bridge the gap in their lives, and fill the void in their lives. We believe in bringing families together by instilling Peacefulness, Tranquility,

Solution Focus, and Serenity.

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